Are You Indispensable?

People sometimes tell me that they don’t know how they handled technology before I was hired. While I’m flattered that they need me, I wonder if I make them too dependent.

When I worked in business, upper management always reminded us that we should train our people to not need us. Wise words. 

I believe this applies to our students as well. Teaching independence and critical thinking  help others to grow and find their own voice. If we constantly spoon feed and protect them, we develop dependency and stunt their brain growth. 

Coaching teachers to grasp onto a new technology is much like teaching elementary school. I’m certainly not saying that we should treat adults like children, but I AM saying that we need to break down the steps for them. 

Learning a new app or tool is sometimes so stressful for an already over worked professional, that they appear to reject your teaching.  In fact, they are usually just completely “info-whelmed”. The know they are intelligent. They probably have earned multiple degrees, and they think they should “get it” right away. It stops them in their tracks when it seems beyond them to understand new technology.

So, my goal is to develop more independence in those that I coach and teach. 

While I’m not indispensable, I am grateful for being needed and wanted at a job I love. 


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