5 steps to guarantee your PD for PBL is on point

What kind of professional development (PD) is needed in order for project-based learning (PBL) to be done well, spread throughout a school, and stick? Short answer: a lot. Long answer: participant-driven, interactive, ongoing, job-embedded, and… a lot.

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Does Online Education Help Low-income Students Succeed?

From the start, access has been the defining achievement of online learning. Or so I thought. For a couple of decades, I championed online learning for its ability to uproot entrenched ideas in education, especially by engaging students in active learning, a pedagogical style rarely practiced on campus.

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Even “Littles” Can Use Google Tools

As the end of the school year approaches, I find myself feeling as if there was so much more I could have and should have done. The kids have been so inspiring this year. My student Tech Team was awesome. My Morning Show news crew have become completely self-sufficient. Oh, what even the youngest students can do!

Slide with cat eyes

I use Google Classroom for all of my students (children and adults). My 2nd graders created e-books using Google Slides. Included in that project was masking and cropping images, using capital letters, punctuation and spelling. I’m always amazed at their creativity and how they use their research in a meaningful way. Many of them used Audacity to do an audio version of their “books” so that it could be published for non-readers. Teaching UDL (Universal Design for Learning) to 7 and 8-year-olds. Easy!

Never underestimate what Elementary students can do. They are used to finding ways to be creative if they’re given the tools to create with. Need more ideas about how to use Google Suite of tools with “Littles”? Drop me a line or join one of my summer online classes!

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Barbara Vinal is a Google for Education Certified Trainer

The HP Chromebook x2 First Impressions

As some of you might have already seen, the HP Chromebook x2 has been spotted at a handful of Best Buys around the country and those who have pre-ordered the device are finding they have been prompted to head over to their local store and pick up the latest Chromebook on offer from HP. Quickly…

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Developing Your PLN (Professional Learning Network)

The school year is coming to a close for most of us. As I look over what I planned to do this year and what I did this year, I see that mostly I was on track. I do see that I didn’t write enough blog posts, attend enough Twitter Chats or go to enough off site professional development. While my goals are always lofty, that’s exactly what they are: goals.

I did, however, still spend a significant amount of time both giving and receiving professional development (PD). When I begin to sum up all that I’ve accomplished in a year, I’m still amazed that there was enough time to sleep a little. (Not on the job, however!)

While many teachers feel like they don’t have time for PD outside of the school day, I contend that using social media works well, if not better, for this purpose. Twitter has become the go-to place for getting information live time from anywhere in the world. There are so many Twitter Chats that you can take part in. If you don’t know how to take part in a Twitter chat, come on over and see me this summer in my Professional Learning Course: Technology for Educators with The New England Institute for Teacher Education.

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Google Home Now Plays Movies

In what can only be considered a glaringly obvious omission, Google Home has not been able to spin up content from your Google Play Movies up to this point. Announced over 2 years ago, Google Home has somehow been incapable of one of the features you most definitely would have expected it to be equipped…

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Detachable Chromebooks – Your Thoughts?

We’ve told you they were coming. We’ve told you there were multiple detachable Chromebooks in the works. We just didn’t know when exactly they would break cover or who would be the first to market. Those questions have now been answered, and we couldn’t be more delighted to share with you all the fantastic details!…

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